Angels around us.

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Angels around us.
by EDGE Team - Wednesday, 28 August 2013, 4:15 PM

Angels were never meant to fly, they're meant to inspire.

That is what the kids from Manila Boys Town in Marikina City showed to Tool and Die students (2D batch 30) when they did their outreach program as part of their requirements in their CWTS class led by Ms. Helen Rabino.

The plan is to give gifts and entertain the kids, hoping that 2D would inspire them to live life no matter how hard it is, but the opposite thing happened, it was the kids who inspired the students to be grateful of the life they have right now.

Here are some pictures from the outreach program:

Kudos to all 2D students who made the event possible! You may not know it but you have been an angel to another angel in that event.