training needs analysis

Industrial Electricity TNA

The set of questions in this test is designed to identify your current level of competency in the area of Electrical . Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your current skills and knowledge will help your company in determining the appropriate training for you.

This test has 10 items and is good for 15 minutes. Read each question and answer them carefully. Navigate through questions using the Next Page button. Take note that once you click the "Next Page" you can no longer return to the previous questions, whether it's answered or not. Once you're done answering click Finish Attempt and a summary of your responses will appear, click Submit All and Finish to finalize and submit them. Note that submitted answers may not be changed anymore. 

Over the years, technology has aided mankind in improving lives and its development has become fast-paced. Due to this, employees are required to study and train to avoid knowledge and skill gaps and to keep up with the ever-changing times. 

     Training Needs Analysis is a process that can help determine these gaps between the current knowledge and skills of an employee in reference to the minimum work requirements as indicated in the employee's job description. Through careful analysis of the TNA result of an employee, one's current capability and capacity to deliver expected performance may be measured. Additionally, TNA is not about passed or failed marks but rather aims to identify the gaps that need to be addressed to be able to design a responsive training program that will enhance the employees' capabilities and eliminate the identified gaps. This ensures that the training program exactly fits the needs of the organization to increase productivity that can potentially aid in the success of the organization.