Basic competencies are the knowledge, skills and attitude that a worker must possess in order to work efficiently and properly in a workplace.

          A “common competency” is one that describes the knowledge, skills and attitudes found in most or all works undertaken by technical professional including instrument technicians, electrician, electronics technician, maintenance technician, etc.

The INSTRUMENTATION AND CONTROL SERVICING NC II Qualification consists of competencies that a person must possess to enable him/her to install, calibrate, and configure various instrumentation & control devices and systems, as well as microcomputer hardware, operating systems, common user applications, network systems, and various common peripherals in a manufacturing or processing environment.

This module covers the fundamentals of instrumentation and control. It explains the elements of instrumentation and control systems and their principles including its operation, design, function and installation requirements. It also covers the fundamentals of measuring common process variables including pressure, level, flow and temperature. More important areas of I&C standards are explained including but not limited to safety, drawings, specifications, sizes and installation criteria.

Essential materials are presented in a manner that will enhance the knowledge and skills of participants in the proper operation, maintenance and installation of instrumentation and control devices.