This course will tackle issues and concerns central to the health and welfare of individuals, particularly young adults. The modules in this course contain knowledge to successfully navigate the physical, mental and emotional challenges that one faces, thus, this course equips our learners with critical thinking skills which are a vital ingredient in lifelong success of personal health. The goal is to present a full range of information from a variety of sources, which allows our students to ingest and process what they are given in order to cement good habits, as well as develop new ideas and appropriate mindsets regarding one self’s overall health and wellness. 

This course deals primarily with the study of the moral behavior or conduct of man as viewed from the principles known by human reason. It covers the study of human actions from the point of view of rightness or wrongness based on objective moral norms. It also deals with the formation of values, proper beliefs and attitudes that predisposes the human person to proper work habits in the pursuit of his or her total development as a person. It aims to help the students develop a “Philosophy of Life” that will give meaning and direction to work and life.