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We have updated the ePlacement portal to MFI HirePoint. This works just the same.
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Post job openings for students and raise your concerns to our ILU thru this website.


Get in touch with MFI students and our Industry Partners by logging in to your accounts.


Record here your OJT Experience and create a substantial profile that you may use in the future.



A Daily Time Record (DTR) for students is available here to help them develop a sense of professionalism by practicing punctuality at work and in any business environment while doing their on-the-job training.


This is where the summary of the on-the-job training experience is located. Weekly reports of achievements, difficulties and the summary of absences, leaves and tardiness are included in this section.


Students’ welfare is MFI’s top priority and this feature allows the institution to post a schedule of visits, let them guide and observe the students’ status in their respective companies, both professional and personal.


Worried that you’ll miss that seminar or if there’s any recent news in MFI? Worry no more for this feature is where the urgent news or concerns of the ILU Office or MFI Foundation, Inc. are posted.


After completing the number of required working hours, students are obligated to answer a self-assessment and a company evaluation for future reference. Here’s where you can see it!


Soon, students may upload their resume, certificates and other credentials in this feature so companies can easily view it on their end.



MFI Foundation, Inc. being the preferred Technical –Vocational Institution in the Philippines does not only give its students quality education but also a starting point for their career in the future. It boasts its placement system where students are properly deployed to companies in which they can use their skills in working and in their respective courses.

MFI HirePoint is an online platform that serves as a bridge connecting the three main components of the placement system: students, school and company. This is where all MFI students who are being deployed or are already deployed engage in various activities initiated and guided by the Industry Liaison Unit (ILU) and the Guidance Office of MFI. Students are asked to accomplish their OJT Handbook online to be read by the aforementioned offices. The responsible offices then process the inputs of the students and later on communicate the feedback/concerns to the companies if needed. Companies can also use MFI HirePoint as a venue for posting immediate job openings and concerns they have by sending messages to the ILU Officers.

This service establishes a more transparent and a stronger relationship between the students, the school and the companies, not to mention that it is accessible anytime where internet connection is available.

  • 2012-2013

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Assignments and monitoring of OJT Students were done through EDGE, the learning management system of MFI, and was considered a course that uses the features of the said platform.

  • May 2013 - July 2015

    ePlacement is Born

    As the need of the placement system increases, the team decided to create a separate platform named ePlacement to accommodate the growing number of students being deployed that time.

  • August 2015

    Hail the HirePoint!

    The team modified the ePlacement to address the students’ concerns with the later versions and proudly launches the MFI HirePoint where all is welcome to be hired and get started with their own careers!

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